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The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Pitch Deck

Financing can make or break your startup. It takes new businesses several years on average to turn a profit. With financing, you can keep your startup afloat while allowing it to grow into a successful, profitable business. Financing, of course, often requires pitching your startup to an investor. Rather than performing an elevator pitch, you…

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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching Your Startup to Investors

Coming up with an idea for a successful business is only the beginning of your journey. To turn this vision into a reality, you’ll need to secure capital. While there are venture capitalists and angel investors who specifically seek to invest in startups, you’ll need to have a compelling pitch. If you make any of…

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An Introduction to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and How It Works

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending has become a popular form of alternative financing for businesses. According to MarketWatch, the U.S. P2P lending industry exceeded $68 billion in 2019. And since then, it’s only grown larger. As a business owner, though, you might be wondering how P2P lending works. An Introduction to Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Lending and How It…

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Equity vs Debt Offering: What’s the Difference?

Companies often raise capital through offerings. When a company needs money to further grow its operations, it may look towards an offering. There are several types of offerings, however, including equity and debt. While they can both be used to raise capital, they aren’t the same. Equity and debt offerings work in different ways. What’s…

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7 Ways to Improve Your Business’s Cash Flow

Does your business struggle to cover its expenses and liabilities? If so, you should focus on improving its cash flow. Insufficient cash flow will only hinder your business’s success. If your business has little or no cash left over after covering its operating expenses and capital expenditures, you’ll struggle to grow and expand your business….

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how to get startup money for a business

How to Get Startup Money for a Business?

When launching a startup, you’ll need money to cover short-term expenses like inventory, advertising, payroll and insurance until your new business begins to generate a steady stream of revenue. Insufficient funding is one of the most common reasons new businesses fail. Many entrepreneurs launch their business without taking the time to secure funding, believe their…

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what is accounts payable

What is Accounts Payable?

When running a business, you’ll have to spend on money on products or services related to your organization’s operations. A landscaping company, for example, may need to purchase lawnmowers, fertilizer and grass seed. Likewise, a retail store may need to purchase inventory, advertising campaigns and building maintenance. The term “accounts payable” refers to short-term debt…

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what is capital expenditure

What is Capital Expenditure?

When recording your business’s finances, you should pay attention to capital expenditure. By analyzing this financial metric, you’ll have a better understanding of how much money your business spends on its tangible assets. Unless you’re familiar with the term, you may be wondering what is capital expenditure, how it’s used, and where it’s found in…

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how to succeed in business

How to Succeed in Business – A Guide to Get Started

While there aren’t any guarantees that you will be successful when starting or running a business, there are steps you can take to increase your chances. The truth is that there are no rewards without taking some risks, and you must be willing to take risks as a business owner. Today we’ll dive into how…

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need funding for a business

Need Funding for a Business? Here’s How Startup Funding Works

Starting a business requires more than just skills and motivation; it also requires money. According to a study cited by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), entrepreneurs spend an average of $30,000 to get their new business off the ground. So, if you’re thinking about starting your own company and need funding for a business,…

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how to build business credit

How to Get a Free Credit Report

When was the last time that you checked your credit history? Whether you are applying for a business loan, a credit card, a home mortgage, etc., lenders will typically scrutinize your credit to determine if you are a suitable candidate. Today we’ll take a closer look at how to get a free credit report, so…

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what are microloans

What are Microloans? How do these Types of Loans Work?

Microloans are a popular funding alternative to traditional bank loans. If you’re struggling to get approved for a bank loan, you may want to consider a microloan. Because they involve smaller amounts, they are typically easier to acquire. For more information on what are microloans and how they work, continue reading. What are Microloans? How…

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