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How long does the funding process take?

The duration of the business funding process will depend upon the nature of the Project and the agility of the borrower-client. Having said this and as no two projects are alike, this question is best addressed after Intrepid has professionally reviewed the applicant's business planning documentation and received a positive reaction from a Private Funding Source.

Total transaction timing has everything to do with you:

  • Having property appraisal/s performed in advance.
  • Business planning documentation should be fully and professionally prepared in seeking start up capital.
  • Principal availability is vitally important when applying for business capital.

In short, the borrower client has a great deal of influence over the time line regarding the process of seeking their business capital.

Do I need to have good credit?

Of course having a good credit score is always helpful, but not always necessary with our Sources of Funding. These Sources are customarily more interested in such attributes as the quality of your business plan, your relevant experience in the business, your management team, etc. (See more on this subject on the Our Process page of this site.)

Are there any "Up-Front" fees?

We perform professional review of Applicant business plans (often re-working them) combining plan elements with summary data we obtain from the Applicant; prepare this data for presentation to Sources; conduct the formal presentation to the logical Source(s) of Funding; secure the provisional interest of the Source(s) to fund the Project; conduct a one-hour conference call with the Applicant Principal(s); generate an Intrepid Non-Disclosure Agreement, an Intrepid Offer package, and we schedule a meeting with the Applicant ALL at absolutely NO COST to the Applicant.

Is there a cost associated with your review of my Project planning documentation?

No. The review of your business planning documentation is one of the many processes we perform at NO COST to the Applicant.

Why do you insist that I read your entire website prior to submitting an application?

Every word of our website is fundamentally vital to the establishment of your relationship to our mutually successful funding outcome, as well as to us. With this as our goal, Intrepid has gone to great lengths to clearly articulate a protocol that has proved to yield successful results. Complete understanding of everything presented on this website is intrinsic to that success.

What makes Intrepid Private Capital Group different?

When it comes to investment capital, NO ONE in the industry works harder to find a way to "Yes".

Traditional lenders have a myriad of reasons for declining to lend.

These often include:

  • Low credit scores of principal/s
  • Insufficient or No Collateral
  • Bankruptcy in Principal/s' history
  • The amount of capital being sought is below their minimum
  • The amount of capital being sought is above their maximum
  • The request is specifically for offshore capital
  • The project locations is geographically inconvenient
  • The principal/s' net worth is insufficient
  • A general disdain for start-up capital or venture capital project requirements
  • Principal/s' project is not in the lender's scope of interest
  • The lender's inexperience with private capital in general or private offshore lending

As a result of more than 100 years of Intrepid Partners' combined experience in genuinely creative finance, we have managed to overcome each of these barriers and advanced the clients to funding.

Do you provide references?

As a Gatekeeper organization, we are not in a business that lends itself well to the concept of references, for two major reasons:

  • 1. It's a concept that is VERY unpopular with borrower clients, who customarily wish to have a Non-Disclosure document between us as early in the process as possible! Those who come to us for private capital or funding from Sources of private business capital, generally appreciate the complete confidentiality in our process.
  • 2. In our industry, we are bound by the terms of more International laws of privacy than you may appreciate; laws, such as the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act, among others. It is a pretty big “no-no” in our world of business and investment capital.

While we are unable to provide client references, our Sources of funding are very forthcoming in this way. Is this not the reference that truly matters?

The difference between a broker, an intermediary, a facilitator and a Gatekeeper?

In the venture capital space, I find a lot of titles for people who might be called “finders.” Intrepid refers to themselves as a private capital “Gatekeeper” in the business funding world. It is true, that there are an awesome number of familiar names for those who wish to assist principals with projects seeking startup capital, U.S.-based business capital, as well as offshore money (usually in the form of private offshore lending). Generally speaking, a broker, an intermediary, and a facilitator is someone that will assist you by going out and looking for funding/investors for your project.

A Gatekeeper – such as the Intrepid Private Capital Group – already has, in most cases, well-established, decades-old relationships with both U.S.-based and private offshore lending sources of funding for whom we screen projects. Gatekeepers don't go out and seek sources of funding for their clients; we already know where the private investment capital is we match it up with the right project/business opportunity.

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