What VCs Look for in a Startup: Tips for Attracting Investment

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Venture capital financing offers a convenient, low-risk way for entrepreneurs to turn their vision of a business into a reality. A form of equity financing, it involves selling an ownership stake in a new business to an investor. These investors are known as venture capitalists. They invest in startups with high growth potential.

Venture capitalists won’t invest in just any startup, though. There are certain qualities and characteristics that they look for, some of which include the following.

What VCs Look for in a Startup: Tips for Attracting Investment

Strong Leadership

Venture capitalists look for strong leadership when choosing startups in which to invest. If you’re thinking about pitching your startup to a venture capitalist, you’ll need to project strong leadership skills. Show the venture capitalist that you are confident in your ability to manage and lead your startup’s team on the path to long-term success.


Before investing in a startup, most venture capitalists will look for scalability. Scalability refers to a startup’s ability to grow, as well as contract, based on its needs. If your startup is scalable, you’ll be able to quickly and easily grow it. At the same time, you can scale down your startup to conserve cash flow and resources during times of hardship.

Large Market Opportunity

Many venture capitalists look for a large market opportunity when choosing startups in which to invest. Most startups, of course, have a small presence in their respective market — and that’s okay. Venture capitalists care about the total market opportunity. As long as there’s a large market opportunity for your startup, venture capitalists may view it as an attractive investment.

Solid Business Plan

Don’t forget to create a business plan before pitching your startup to a venture capitalist. A business plan is a formal document with information about a business. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), it serves as a roadmap for structuring, running and growing a new business. Whether you’re planning a marketing strategy or stepping in front of a venture capitalist, you should have a solid business plan on hand.

Exit Strategy

Venture capitalists will often look for an exit strategy as well. An exit strategy is a plan for exiting an investment. Most venture capitalists will eventually want to exit their investment by realizing profits and moving on to other ventures.

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