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5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Pitching Your Startup to Investors

Coming up with an idea for a successful business is only the beginning of your journey. To turn this vision into a reality, you’ll need to secure capital. While there are venture capitalists and angel investors who specifically seek to invest in startups, you’ll need to have a compelling pitch. If you make any of…

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what are startup costs

What are Startup Costs?

When launching a new business, you’ll likely incur a myriad of expenses. Whether your business sells a product or service – to consumers or other businesses – you’ll need to purchase non-recurring purchase goods to get it up and running. Known as startup costs, they are vital to launching a new business. But failure to…

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how to qualify for a business loan

How to Qualify for a Business Loan

Just because you apply for a business loan, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get approved for it. According to research cited by Small Business Trends, banks only approve about one-quarter of all small business loan applications. It can be frustrating when you spend time and energy applying for a loan, only for the lender to…

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need funding for a business

Need Funding for a Business? Here’s How Startup Funding Works

Starting a business requires more than just skills and motivation; it also requires money. According to a study cited by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), entrepreneurs spend an average of $30,000 to get their new business off the ground. So, if you’re thinking about starting your own company and need funding for a business,…

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how to get investors for a startup business

How to Get Investors for a Startup Business

As explained by Entrepreneur, funding is one of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs looking to start their own business. While established businesses already the capital, credit and trustworthiness to secure funding, new business owners do not. As such, they often struggle to win over the hearts of investors. Thankfully, though, there are steps you…

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how to create a business plan

How to Create a Business Plan – The Basics

Attempting to start a small business without planning ahead is a sure-fire recipe for disaster. According to the Small Business Administration (SBA), there are roughly 28 million businesses with fewer than 500 employees in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these small businesses will end up closing their doors after just a few years. However,…

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what is a hard money lender

What is a Hard Money Lender?

As an entrepreneur, you’ll probably need funding to get your business up and running. While there are many funding options from which to choose, some entrepreneurs prefer hard money loans. So, what is a hard money lender and how do hard money loans work? What is a Hard Money Lender? A hard money lender�issues�asset-based loans…

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Line of Credit

Funding 101: How to Get a Business Line of Credit

Starting your own business is no easy task. If it were, more people would be quitting their day jobs.�One of the biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners is acquiring a line of credit. Regardless of your niche/industry, you’ll probably need at least some credit to perform your day-to-day operations. Create a Business…

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Making the Transition from Employee to Entrepreneur

Are you thinking about starting your own business? Making the transition from employee to entrepreneur is a big step — and that’s putting it mildly. Rather than having someone tell you what to do and when to do, you’ll be 100% responsible for achieving your professional goals. So before telling your boss “I quit,” familiarize…

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Business Management 101

Business Management 101 – Ensure That You Get Paid

As a small business owner, it’s important to make sure that you get paid�for your time and hard work. After all, you’ve probably spent countless hours building your brand and growing your business.�With�all of your time is focused on your business, you have to get paid from it, otherwise, you may struggle to pay your…

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Tips for Startup Business Success in 2016

Statistics show that roughly half of all startup businesses will fail within their first five years of operation. The success rate becomes even lower past the five-year mark. But numbers such as this shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing your passion. With confidence, persistence and dedication, you can increase your chances of startup business success. Create…

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Polio, World War II, the Academy Awards, and Business Financing

“What on Earth can financing of a worthwhile Project possibly have to do with Polio, World War II and the Academy Awards?” Occasionally, Intrepid will receive a business plan that is genuinely inspired but – for some reason – the timing for the Project just isn’t quite right. Perhaps the technology to make the concept…

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