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Polio, World War II, the Academy Awards, and Business Financing

“What on Earth can financing of a worthwhile Project possibly have to do with Polio, World War II and the Academy Awards?”

Occasionally, Intrepid will receive a business plan that is genuinely inspired but – for some reason – the timing for the Project just isn’t quite right. Perhaps the technology to make the concept genuinely workable is not quite there – unfortunately, we all can recall examples of this; for instance, it took Jonas Salk nine years to develop the Polio Vaccine. Imagine how many lives would have been changed had the technology been available earlier. (Of course, occasionally, a delay can work out for the better: had he had the technology in Germany, Wernher von Braun might have improved rocket weaponry effectiveness there, instead of in the U.S., to which he surrendered, in 1945.)

More often, there are times when the inspiration, the plan and the technology were fully-present. but the financing was nowhere to be found more unfortunate, still.

And, then, there is a wonderful occasion when one of Intrepid’s Client Projects came to us years after the stars were misaligned, as above, (when the timing seemed to doom the concept to failure) and the Project was referred to us precisely as the appropriate Source of investment joined the Intrepid Executive Group’s Family of Sources and the match was made!

Could we possibly have a better example of a revenant opportunity to succeed?

Could this be the ideal time for your concept to connect with the funding necessary to bring it to life?

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Intrepid Star-Performer – Christine Fulginiti, COO – attends the National Association of Professional Women’s (NAPW) Washington, DC Networking Event with President and Host, Star Jones.

The event was held on February 23rd – with more than 100 business women dressed in RED, in support of the American Heart Association’s Breast Cancer Research Foundation – to give executives, professionals and entrepreneurs the networking opportunity to aspire, connect and achieve.

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Intrepid Private Capital Group • March 4, 2016

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