Do What You Love and You’ll Never Have to Work Again

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entrepreneur-593378_960_720There’s an old saying that goes: do what you love and you’ll never have to work another day in your life. The famous Chinese teacher, politician and philosopher Confucius was responsible for pioneering this phrase. And while he made the statement thousands of years ago (yes, it’s THAT old), it still holds true to this day.

If you find a job or career that you actually enjoy, you won’t be “working.” Instead, you’ll be earning income while pursuing your passion. But how exactly do you find an occupation which falls under this category?

Eliminate Money as a Deciding Factor

When choosing a job, far too many people focus on income. They’ll base their decision of whether or not a job is right for them almost solely on money. If the job doesn’t pay enough, they’ll skip it and move on to the next prospective occupation. For this reason, it’s best to eliminate money as a deciding factor, basing your decision off other factors, like your passion and desire to work in the respective occupation.

Think Back to Your Childhood Days

What hobbies were you interested in as a child? Answering this question will give you a better understanding of which jobs and occupations are suited for you as an adult. If you had a knack for building things, then perhaps industrial construction is a suitable industry. In the United States alone, industrial construction is a $1.731 trillion dollar industry that continues to grow larger each passing year (source). Or if you had a knack for buying and selling small items like candy bars for a profit, then maybe you should enter sales.

The bottom line is that you need to think back on your childhood days to discover your inner passion. Using this information will allow you to choose the best possible career path.

Take the Plunge

Embarking on a new job or career may sound daunting. What if it doesn’t work out? What if you aren’t good at it? How will the new affect your personal life? These are just a few questions that may prevent you from taking those first initial steps. But if you constantly second-guess yourself by thinking about all of the “what ifs,” you’ll never succeed. After identifying a job or occupation that you are passionate about, plan a course of action to make the transition. There’s no guarantee that it — or any job — will work out, but the only way you’ll know is by trying.

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