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Warren Buffet’s Bold New Plan to Capitalize on Global Markets

American investor, philanthropist and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffet has announced a bold new plan to capitalize on the up-and-down global financial markets. In a recent press release, Buffet said  his company, Berkshire Hathaway, would acquire Precision Castparts Corp. for a jaw-dropping $32.36 billion, making it the company’s largest investment ever. Given the fact…

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Top Angel Investor Reveals the 4 Characteristics of a Good Entrepreneur

Funding your venture through angel investing offers several unique advantages that aren’t found in traditional banks and financial institutions. Entrepreneurs can obtain cash in less time; there’s often a lower interest rate tied to the loan; and angels bring their own personal skills and experience to the table, helping the entrepreneur grow his or her…

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Ron Paul Blames Federal Reserve and Congress for Market Bubble

Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul is pointing the finger at the U.S. Federal Reserve and Congress for the recent losses on Wall Street. When speaking to Newsmax TV earlier this week, Paul said the Feds and Congress are “99% responsible” for the economic downturn felt by traders. The politician, author, and two-time presidential candidate said…

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How to Get Startup Capital

A New Business Idea Should Offer a Solution to a Real-World Problem

The very best business ideas and the ones most likely to be successful are those that solve the everyday problems and annoyances that consumers encounter. Once your idea meets that criterion, the next step is to thoroughly research your new idea or business to ensure that it hasn’t already been done. If the product doesn’t…

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Business Plan

Startup 101 – Helpful Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

In today’s fast moving business arena, young entrepreneurs are an extremely welcome commodity. Younger business people tend to dream bigger without much of a fear of failure. They are more free and capable of thinking outside the box, since they haven’t been worn down by the corporate life cycle. They tend to have more unbridled…

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More Lawsuits Following the Forex Rigging Scandal

If you keep up with our blog here at Intrepid Executive Group, you may recall a story we covered a few months back involving a massive currency rigging scheme conducted by several of the world’s largest banks. The offending banks have already paid out more than $10 billion in fines, making this one of the…

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China Devalues its Currency: How This Affects The US

On Wednesday, China devalued its currency for the second day in a row, sparking controversy from a number of US financial experts. China has allowed its currency — the yuan — to grow untouched over the past decade, signaling a strong economy. But on Tuesday, the world’s second largest economy shocked financial experts everywhere it…

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Business Funding Ideas

Turn Your Great Startup Idea into a Reality

Turn Your Great Startup Idea into a Reality So you have an awesome idea for a new business…now what? Here are some important things to consider to ensure that your startup is well thought out and on the right path. Your Idea or Product as a Startup: Did you brainstorm several ideas, but this is…

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Angel Investing in India Rises 81% to Rs 70.3

Angel investing has become increasing popular not only here in the US, but abroad as well. There’s a good reason for this trend: angel investing offers is a win-win scenario for both angles and the entrepreneurs/business owners with whom they invest. The angel benefits from receiving a stake in the venture, whereas the entrepreneur benefits…

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what is a factoring loan

When it Comes to Business Funding, Intrepid Executive Group Makes All the Difference

Quite often we are asked, what makes Intrepid Executive Group different from others in our industry. The answer is quite simple. We are the difference. We work hard to simplify a complex process so that it’s easier for our clients to obtain the funding that they need for success. Additionally, we work hard to say…

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texas gold reserve, Federal Reserve

Texas to Challenge Federal Reserve With Gold Depository

The Longhorn State has announced plans to launch its own gold-backed bank depository Texas gold reserve, which will allow individuals and corporations to bypass the traditional Federal Reserve, said state representatives. Texas Bullion Depository This isn’t just all smoke and mirrors, either. Back in June, Texas lawmakers voted in favor of the new gold-back depository, with Republican Governor…

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How Our Business Funding Process Works

Due to excellent service and proven results for clients, Intrepid Executive Group has been experiencing a high demand for our services over the last few years. This is due to the fact that we only choose to work with the best and most committed project principals. We have honed our business funding process so that…

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