Offshore Funding

What is Offshore Funding?

Offshore funding has become a popular alternative method for companies to acquire the capital needed to sustain or expand their business. Considering the increased strain on domestic lending institutions by the government, following the recent financial crisis, they have become highly selective of individuals when it comes to lending money, assuming they are lending at all. Problems such as the increased time devoted to the Underwriting Process, which dramatically slows the pace of the lending process, approval rates, can affect the ability of businesses to secure a traditional bank loan. All of this makes private Offshore funding an increasingly better option for companies seeking funding.

Benefits of Offshore Funding

  • Less Regulation
  • Easier to Obtain Capital
  • Increased Confidentially
  • Diversification

With U.S. banks and domestic funding sources lending less in the wake of housing market collapse, financial institutions in other countries are often more willing to provide capital to entrepreneurs, meaning you can spend more time growing your business and less time worrying about finances. Entrepreneurs with "higher-risk" businesses often choose offshore funding for this reason alone.

Offshore Funding

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Frequently Asked Questions About Offshore Funding

How does Offshore Funding work?
Offshore Funding is essentially business capital which originates from outside of the United States. In many cases, offshore funding is available with less oversight and fewer hurdles than with traditional domestic funding sources.

The increased confidentiality and ease of access to offshore funding through Intrepid, has made it a more popular funding option in recent years as banks and other lending institutions practically abandon commercial lending!

What is the process to apply for Offshore Funding?
For more information on obtaining Offshore Funding or any questions regarding our business funding process, feel free to Contact Us. To begin a funding application, simply follow the "Apply Now" link to get started. We can connect you with offshore resources that are eager to lend to U.S. businesses and help you navigate your way through the entire process.

Intrepid Private Capital Group is your partner in making the right financial decisions that will lead to International capital, and ultimately, the success of your Project!

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What are the Benefits of Offshore Funding
  • Less Regulation - One of the key benefits of offshore funding is the fact that it's less regulated.
  • Easier to Obtain Capital - Offshore funds are generally easier to obtain than on-shore funds due to the fact that U.S. banks and financial institutions are lending less.
  • Increased Confidentially - A lesser-known benefit of offshore funding is the confidentiality it provides.
  • Diversification - Rather than obtaining funds strictly from U.S. banks and financial institutions, you can mitigate your risk by seeking offshore funds as well.
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