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Intrepid Private Capital Group, LLC BBB Business Review

"Our group has worked with the Intrepid Private Capital Group over the course of two years - their assistance with funding for our first project was so seamless and satisfying, that we have placed a second project with them. This second (larger) project is expected to close within the next 120 days."

- Lee K. -

"The Intrepid Private Capital Group brought the necessary capital to our start-up health care services project in what we consider to have been a heroic time frame. Having wasted more than a year with banks that were not lending, Intrepid arranged the funding for us in less than half the time we wasted with commercial banks!"

- Robert C. -

"Our project changed, at one point requiring a complete re-write of our Business Plan, in character several times during the funding process, yet Intrepid never lost confidence in us and stayed with the project through to funding conclusion. We'll never forget their patience, encouragement and dogged determination to, ultimately, get us to the prize!

- Brian P. -

"As an Intermediary to the Intrepid Private Capital Group over a number of years, our Company has been impressed with their efficiency, organization and ability to get difficult projects the funding they require. We are always pleased to refer our clients to Intrepid!"

- Jay R. -

"As a commercial lending institution, we are frequently confronted with difficult (if not nearly, impossible) business opportunities to finance. These, more often or not, are business start-ups. We have, throughout 2013, referred such to Intrepid Private Capital Group, LLC who, in most cases, has been successful in arranging funding. We're happy to make such referrals, as a consequence."

- Candi R. -

"My husband and I had all but given up on our dream: to develop a first-rate, yet affordable, senior-living facility that would benefit our own parents and those of many others. The banks wasted our time and the so-called investment bankers were no better. We were getting nowhere! Intrepid Private Capital Group took our project on and put us on the path to our dream! We are beyond grateful to them!"

- Janice H. -

"My concept was - I agree, difficult to fund. I had heard this from every potential funder for two years. Thanks to Intrepid, I have a closing scheduled for the end of this month."

- Charles W. -

"Have you been invited to talk with a bank about your business plan and been told that if you buy a C.D. for 150% of what you need, they'll help you out? No kidding! Intrepid Private Capital Group got our deal done with collateral that amounted to 70% LTV! Gotta love 'em!"

- David O. -

"They got the job done for us! Intrepid Private Capital Group never gives up!"

- Paul K. -

"We, too, had a program tied up in a European funding endeavor (Wells Fargo Bank) and wasted 26 months in the effort! We were referred to the Intrepid Private Capital Group, who made the necessary adjustments to our Business Plan and put us in front of three investors. As we are now in closing activities, we greatly appreciate Intrepid!"

- Arthur M. -
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