Successfully Source-Funded Projects

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Successfully Source-Funded Projects include:


  • Ghana - Transaction Value: US$102 Million - Provided essential debt and equity for a Ghanaian hotel renovation, 259-room hotel and office project.
  • Italy - Transaction Value: US$2 Billion - Construction project in North Africa on behalf of Italy's largest power plant conglomerate
  • U.S.A. - Transaction Value: US$700 Thousand - Bridge loan leasehold refinance for major restaurant chain
  • Sub-Sahara Africa - Transaction Value: US$72.8 Million - Agribusiness operational network positioned the John Deer farming equipment sales and leasing programs.
  • China - Transaction Value: US$120 Million - Complete construction and fit-out of commercial building in Guangzhou
  • Dominican Republic - Transaction Value: US$15 Million - Telecom expansion project
  • China - Transaction Value: US$50 Million - Complete construction of office building and shopping center in Wuhan City
  • West African Region - Transaction Value: $1.6 Billion - Major port and cargo terminal.
  • South Korea - Transaction Value: US$106 Million - Acquisition of a city block for residential and commercial development
  • Philippines – Transaction value US$90M – Geothermal Energy Development
  • France - Transaction Value: US$16 Million - Refinance of retirement homes complex
  • U.S.A. - Transaction Value: US$50 Million - Leading U.S. high technology environmental instrumentation company with operations in the U.K. and
  • U.S.A. - Transaction Value: US$50 Million - A NASDAQ-listed chemical processing company. Funds raised vis-Ã-vis project finance for operation to mine
         and process nahcolite in Colorado, USA
  • Mexico - Transaction Value: US$4.7 Million - Small resort hotel purchase
  • Ecuador - Transaction Value: US$150 Million - To build and operate a hydroelectric power plant
  • U.K. and Italy - Transaction Value: US$96 Million - Development of power generation plants on behalf of U.S. and Italian companies




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