Hard Money Loans

Hard Money Lending doesn't have to be "Hard"

Intrepid Private Capital Group offers FAST access to hard money lenders and is dedicated to providing our clients with a personalized service that meets and exceeds their expectations for a pain-free funding process. Whether you are interested in new construction, residential development, flips, rehab, or other, we can help you get the funds you need quicker than most.

Hard Money Loans are Ideal For:

  • Property flippers
  • Buyers with poor credit
  • Buyers with little-to-no credit
  • Real estate investors
  • Property developers

We take pride in providing a quality service to our clients and have built many great relationships with borrowers throughout the years that look to us for all of their hard money lending needs. With Intrepid your project will have exclusive access to a network of motivated hard money lenders who can get your project funded quickly with no hassle.

Hard Money Loans

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hard Money Loans

What is a Hard Money Loan?
Hard money loans offer a quick and easy way to borrow money and obtain private capital without all of the hurdles associated with a traditional bank loan. Hard money loans are unique in the sense that the borrower receives funds secured by real property as collateral.

With traditional loans, lenders typically scrutinize the borrower's ability to pay back the loan by looking at his or her credit history, FICO credit score, debt-to-income ratio, etc. While some hard money lenders may still take these factors into consideration, most base candidacy on the value of the property. The borrower, for instance, may place a house or property that he or she owns - partially or fully - up for collateral.

What are the Advantages of Hard Money Loans
There are several advantages to choosing a hard money loan over traditional loans, one of which is the simple fact that candidacy is based on the value of the collateral property and not the borrower's credit history. Aspiring property developers, for instance, may lack the necessary credit to obtain funding through traditional loans, in which case hard money loans are a suitable alternative. Hard money loans can also be obtained in less time, usually just 7 to 14 days as opposed to 30 or more days with traditional loans.

What are the Disadvantages of Hard Money Loans
There may be some drawbacks to hard money loans, such as higher interest rates. Exact interest rates will vary depending on the lender, the borrower, region in which the loan is made and other factors. It's not uncommon for borrowers to see 10 to 15% interest rates on hard money loans, along with points ranging from 2-5% of the total loan amount.

What is the Process to Apply for a Hard Money Loan?
For more information on obtaining a Hard Money Loan or any questions regarding our business funding, business loans, or project financing process, feel free to Contact Us. To begin a funding application, simply follow the "Apply Now" link to get started. Let Intrepid Private Capital Group help you get the private capital that you need for your business or project.

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Who Needs a Hard Money Loan?
While anyone can apply for a hard money loan, they are best suited for the following:

  • Property flippers
  • Buyers with poor credit
  • Buyers with little-to-no credit
  • Real estate investors
  • Property developers

What is the Loan-to-Value Ratio
When considering a hard money loan, you should pay close attention to the fees, loan term, and most importantly, the loan-to-value ratio. Because of the high risk associated with this type of loan, hard money lenders structure their loans based on the percentage of the quick-sale value of the collateral property. Known as a loan-to-value (LTV) ratio, this typically fluctuates between 35% to 50% of the property's quick-sale value. This low LTV mitigates the risk for lender.

To recap, hard money business loans are a type of loan in which the borrower uses property as collateral. Private business funding groups usually offer loans of this type, rather than major banks and financial institutions. Hard money loans may come with a higher stated interest rate, making them best used for short-term finance situations in which the borrower knows that he or she can pay off the loan in a reasonable amount of time.

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