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Since our founding, no one has been more trusted in this business than the professionals at INTREPID PRIVATE CAPITAL GROUP!

Nobody works as hard as us to secure private business funding for your Startup or Project!

Intrepid's mission is to do everything possible to get you the private business funding you require. By providing our funding experts your COMPLETED documentation, we will review it, and arrange for you to meet with the appropriate pre-qualified sources of business capital. We can usually locate the right source of funding for your project and get the private capital you need within days!

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Why choose Intrepid Private Capital Group?

Over the years, Intrepid has carefully nurtured relationships with an extensive group of International financiers who are routinely open to providing business capital and private funding of Projects with the following characteristics / requirements:

  • Domestic U.S. Investment
  • Startup Business Funding
  • Equity-based Capital
  • Debt/Equity(Blended)-based
  • Business Funding Solutions
  • Funding for Small Business
  • Asset-based Funding
  • Non-Asset-based Funding
  • Accounts Receivable Financing
  • Private Business Funding
  • Small Business Funding
  • Startup Capital


Our services have been uniquely designed for a single purpose: to help serious business people obtain private capital that's required to achieve their goals. Intrepid and our affiliates have participated in transactions exceeding US $1.1 Billion in the last 16 years. Further, no one in the business funding solutions Industry does a better job than us to ensure your privacy, as well as the confidential nature of your financial requirements and our role in the transaction of your Project funding.

As a client of Intrepid, your needs and success are our #1 priority.

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