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An Introduction to SBA Express Loans

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has an extending lending program. According to a spokesperson for the SBA, it has provided over 1.6 million loans. Not all SBA loans are the same, however. There are many different types of SBA loans, including Express.

An Introduction to SBA Express Loans

What Are SBA Express Loans?

SBA Express loans are SBA-backed loans that allow lenders to use their own application forms and approval process. The SBA guarantees 50% of the value of all SBA Express loans. If a borrower defaults on an SBA Express loan, for instance, the SBA will absorb half the cost, whereas the lender will absorb the other half.

How SBA Express Loans Work

SBA Express loans are offered by SBA-partnered lenders. Contrary to common belief, the SBA doesn’t actually issue loans. Rather, it partners with lenders throughout the United States. Lenders, such as banks, offer SBA-backed loans.

You can use an SBA Express loan to finance your business. Maybe you need cash to cover operational expenses, or perhaps you need extra capital to hire new talent. SBA Express loans are a form of debt financing. When you obtain an SBA Express loan, you’ll borrow money from an SBA-partnered lender, which you can use to finance your business.

Advantages of SBA Express Loans

As their name suggests, SBA Express loans are faster to obtain than other types of loans. The SBA allows lenders to use their own application and approval process for SBA Express loans. This means you obtain them more quickly than other types of loans. Most lenders will approve your application within 24 to 36 hours.

SBA Express loans have a low interest rate. There are limits set by the SBA regarding how much lenders can change for interest. All SBA loans have low interest rates — and SBA Express loans are no exception.

You can borrow up to $500,000 per SBA Express loan. In the past, SBA Express loans were capped at $350,000. But the SBA recently increased this amount to $500,000, making them a more attractive financing solution for businesses.

In Conclusion

The SBA’s lending program includes several types of loans. SBA Express loans are characterized by their fast speed. They are faster to obtain because lenders can use their own application and approval process. In comparison, lenders are required to use the SBA’s application and approval process for other types of SBA loans.

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Intrepid Private Capital Group • May 17, 2022

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