Hard Money Loans Do Not Have to be �Hard”!

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If you have a financial need and need it resolved fast, we can help. Hard money loans are available and make for a good solution in many cases. Minimum amounts are negotiable depending on the nature of the request. There are no maximum limitations. If you have credit issues, bankruptcy, liens, payments in arrears, foreclosure, forbearance agreements, Intrepid can help with the best terms in the industry.

We can help with hard money loans, sale-leasebacks, equipment leasing, purchase order financing�and a variety of other solutions for your needs.

Unlike other financial service institutions, we accept all types of collateral (real estate, gold, silver, artwork, jewelry, gemstones, boats, airplanes, etc.).

The longer you wait to get started the more difficult it gets; so don�t wait. Let our experts direct you to the best solution. Give us a call at (410) 535-3400 or contact us online at Intrepid Executive Group. Get the funding that you need today!

hard money loans

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