How Do Business Loans Work?

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Millions of entrepreneurs use loans to fund their business. Loans are a form of debt-based funding, providing entrepreneurs with the capital needed to get their business up and running. It allows companies to purchase equipment, hire employees, rent or lease a building, and cover other expenses that are essential to their business’s operations. For those who are looking for more information on how business loans work, let’s take a closer look.

How Do Business Loans Work?

Business Loans Explained

A business loan is money given to an entrepreneur for the purpose of starting a business or funding their existing business’s operations under the agreement that they’ll pay it back, typically with interest.

Both banks and private financial institutions offer business loans. While there are nuances between these lending institutions, they both follow the same basic concept: Money is loaned to a business so that they can fund their operations.

Comparing Different Types of Business Loans and How They Work

There are several different types of business loans, each of which works in a different way. Bank business loans, as the name suggests, are offered by government-backed banks. They typically offer lower interest rates but are difficult for new and early stage businesses to obtain due to their strict requirements.

If your business is still new and doesn’t have a solid track record of success, you may encounter difficulty getting approved for business loan from a bank.

There are also Small Business Administration (SBA) business loans. Regulated by the organization of its namesake, these loans are designed specifically for entrepreneurs looking to start a small business. SBA business loans have even lower interest rates than conventional bank loans, with a maximum loan amount of $5 million, according to the SBA’s website.

Private lenders offer business loans as well. Unlike banks, private lenders are not regulated by the federal government. This means that they are generally more willing to loan money to new and early stage businesses. Additionally, private lenders offer a wide variety of secured business loans.

Accounts receivables financing is a type of business loan offered by private lenders. This type of loan works by a business using their unpaid, outstanding invoices as collateral.

Equipment financing is another type of secured loan offered by private lenders. It’s used by businesses to purchase equipment, with the equipment itself being used collateral to secure the loan.

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