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An Introduction to Equipment Financing: What You Should Know

Regardless of what your business does exactly, it will probably require equipment. Nearly all businesses have at least some type of equipment. Common examples of business-related equipment include vehicles, furniture, machines, forklifts, appliances and material handling devices. Business-related equipment, though, isn’t cheap. Some businesses spend tens of thousands of dollars — or even hundreds of…

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what is equipment financing

What is Equipment Financing?

Nearly all businesses require some type of equipment to perform their operations. Restaurants, for example, need commercial cooking appliances and dishwashers, whereas construction companies may need bulldozers and excavators. While some businesses can purchase their equipment in full, others may lack the capital. Thankfully, equipment financing offers an effective funding solution for high-priced equipment. But…

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what is business equipment financing

What is Business Equipment Financing?

Equipment financing has become a popular funding option for businesses. Contrary to what some business owners may believe, this doesn’t involve making payments on newly purchased equipment. Rather, it involves using a business’s existing equipment as collateral to secure funding or a loan. To learn more about what is business equipment financing and whether or…

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