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What Credit Score to Lenders Look Use When Applying for a Business Loan?

When applying for a business loan, you might be wondering what credit score lenders use. Most lenders don’t blindly offer money to businesses. They want to know that businesses can pay them back, so lenders evaluate their credit score during the application process. Businesses with a high credit score are more likely to get approved…

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Medical Debt Is The #1 Cause of Bad Credit Scores

There are dozens of factors which can influence a person’s credit score, some of which include debt-to-open-credit ratio, payment history (e.g. whether bills were paid on time), credit history, and more. According to a new report, however, the number one source of bad credit is medical-related debt. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) reports that…

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New FICO Changes May Boost Your Credit Score

Millions of Americans may notice a slight boost in their credit score thanks to a new credit scoring system. The Fair Isaac Corporation, creator of the FICO credit score, announced a new scoring system last month that will largely benefit consumers as a whole. FICO Score 9 Dubbed the FICO Score 9, the new system…

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