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So many see the raising of the minimum wage as a panacea. You may wish to read how it will affect Seattle. A waitress at the icon Grill in Seattle carries food to a table as she works during lunchtime. — AP Jobs:¬†Seattle’s city council passed a law Monday boosting the minimum wage to $15…

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Don’t Assume Nonprofits Aren’t Making Big Money

“Astute followers of the on-profit industry (as well as those who follow this page on our website) are not surprised at all by this News piece. Many – if not most – non-profits are quite profitable, while employing many artful methods of avoiding reporting so.”   If you’re not willing to clean up a nonprofit,…

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U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Takes A Dangerous Position

“The true price of “cheap labor” via immigration “reform” may, ultimately, be far higher than originally envisioned. Let’s call it what it is: Amnesty – and the cost to the U.S. tax payers of more than $6 trillion to assimilate more than 11 million illegals should be too ridiculous to consider. Ah, but all one…

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Bernanke’s Bullish Bravado

“The illusion that low interest rates signal easy money for entrepreneurial business growth is simply that – an illusion. The banks have no real incentive to lend and the EPA’s fanatic commitment to the destruction of the coal industry will continue to drive energy costs up, further challenging established companies, as well as startups.” We’re…

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Chinese Solar Stocks

Chinese Solar Stocks: U.S. Tariffs Vs. Chinese Panels

“There can be no argument with regard to U.S. commitment to alternative energy – especially as it relates to solar and wind power. The big question, however remains: How to convert cost-effectively and is a war on coal and oil really make sense until the alternatives are up to speed?” How will¬†Chinese solar stocks be…

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