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Networking is a Key Component in Business

social-media-1076762_960_720As a business owner, you should constantly be working to develop a strong network of contacts. These contacts may include clients/customers, suppliers, vendors, service providers, marketing experts, and other like-minded professionals. But many entrepreneurs are reluctant to acknowledge the importance of networking, assuming it offers little-to-no benefit. So, why is networking such a critical piece in the business management puzzle?

Generate Referrals

Networking can yield tons of new business opportunities through referrals. When you connect with other professionals and individuals, they may send new customers your way. Of course, you’ll want to present yourself — and your business — in the most professional manner possible to reap the benefits of referral traffic. Because unless your business is viewed as a leading figure in its respective industry, few people (if any) will send you referrals.

Gain Insight from a Different Perspective

Another reason why entrepreneurs and business owners should network is because it allows them to gain insight from a different perspective. Another business owner, for instance, may share some of his or her tricks for success, which you can then use to improve your own business.

Mutual Assistance

Businesses will have their ups, and they will have their downs. If you experience a rough patch in your professional dealings, networking may allow you to seek help from another like-minded business owner. Surprisingly, many business owners will gladly help others out, believing that the favor will be returned if and when they need it.

More Confidence

Networking can also increase your level of confidence, which can subsequently impact your business (for the better) in numerous ways. Communicating with other professionals and clients will give you greater confidence in your professional abilities. And when you are confident, you’ll be more willing to take risks, some of which will pay off in the form of more sales and greater brand recognition.

Here are some networking tips that may help your business:

  • Attend relevant trade shows and event pertaining to your industry.
  • Participate in discussions and Q&As.
  • Create profiles and accounts on all of the leading social media networking sites (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Don’t use the same cookie-cutter template when networking, but rather use a personalized approach by tailoring your message according to the other party.
  • Keep business cards on you AT ALL TIMES.

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Intrepid Private Capital Group • February 11, 2016

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