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Beware of Variable-Rate Loans and Rising Interest Rates

If you’re thinking about financing your business with a loan, you may want to avoid variable-rate loans. Loans have become a popular financing solution for businesses. Research shows that approximately half of all small business owners in the United States have applied for a loan. While a variable-rate loan can provide your business with capital,…

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How Convertible Debt Financing Works

Have you heard of convertible debt financing? Also known as convertible bond or convertible note financing, it’s popular among startups. Startups often lack the creditworthiness of seasoned, well-established businesses. As a result, they may struggle to obtain loans. Debt financing is an alternative solution, though. Even if your business is still in the early stages…

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Is an Equipment Loan Right for Your Business?

If you’re planning to purchase new business-related equipment in the near future, you might be wondering whether an equipment loan is a smart financing solution. Nearly all businesses use some type of equipment to facilitate their operations. Whether your business sells tangible goods or services, it will likely require equipment. New equipment, of course, can…

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5 Tips on Dealing With Gatekeepers

When seeking financing for your business, you may encounter gatekeepers. Gatekeepers are advisors who work for institutional investors. If an institutional investor has little or no experience, he or she may partner with a gatekeeper. The gatekeeper will offer advice regarding which businesses are worth investing in and which ones aren’t. While you can always…

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