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what is hard money lending

What is Hard Money Lending?

Hard money lending is an alternative funding option for businesses that doesn’t involve banks or traditional lenders. Because of its availability to borrowers with little-to-no credit, it’s become a popular choice for entrepreneurs and small business owners. To learn more about what is hard money lending and how it works, keep reading. What is Hard…

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why are banks not lending to businesses

Why are Banks Not Lending to Businesses?

All businesses need capital to fund their operations. Unfortunately, acquiring capital has become a challenge for many entrepreneurs and business owners. You can apply for loans at a dozen different banks, only to receive a dozen rejection notices. So, why are banks not lending to businesses, and are there alternative funding solutions available? Why are…

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what is seed funding

What is Seed Funding and How Does it Work?

When seeking funding for a business, it’s important to consider the stage in which your business is currently operating. Seed funding, as the name suggests, is performed during the early stages of a business. To learn more about what is seed funding and how it works, continue reading. What is Seed Funding? Overview of Seed…

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how to fund a construction project

How to Fund a Construction Project

Financing is one of the biggest challenges facing construction projects. Not only are construction projects expensive, but they often go over budget due to unforeseen expenses. There are ways to overcome this challenge. Let’s take a look at how to fund a construction project. How to Fund a Construction Project 1) Retained Earnings Assuming your…

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