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how to raise debt capital

How to Raise Debt Capital

There are three primary types of capital that businesses can generate: equity, debt and hybrid. Equity capital involves selling shares of your stock in exchange for real money, whereas debt capital involves taking on debt in exchange for real money. And as the name suggests, hybrid capital combines elements of both types, such as a…

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what are unsecured business loans

What are Unsecured Business Loans?

When seeking capital to fund your business, you may look towards a loan. Whether your business operates as an LLC, S-Corp or C-Corp, you may get approved for a loan if your business is financially healthy. However, there are several different types of business loans, one of which is an unsecured loan. Today we’ll take…

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how does an equipment lease buyback work

How Does an Equipment Lease Buyback Work?

Equipment plays a fundamental role in the success of many companies, especially construction companies. From bulldozers and excavators to forklifts and hydraulic power tools, construction companies rely on equipment such as this to perform their day-to-day operations. Along with the functional benefits it provides, equipment can also be a source of funding via a lease…

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how does mezzanine financing work

How Does Mezzanine Financing Work?

Not all financing options fall under the linear categories of debt or equity-based. A third type of financing is a hybrid that combines elements of both debt and equity-based financing. Mezzanine financing, for instance, is one such hybrid option for business owners to consider. So, how does mezzanine financing work, and is right for your…

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