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what is an acquisition

What is an Acquisition and How Do They Work?

With many big-name mergers and acquisitions taking place in the corporate world these days, we are often asked, what is an acquisition and how do acquisitions work? A corporate acquisition occurs when a company buys more than 50% of another publicly traded company’s stock; thus, “acquiring” the company while gaining decision-making authority in the process….

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how to get a line of credit

How to Get a Line of Credit for Your Business

Funding is an essential step in both launching and running a business. Without capital, business owners cannot pay for product inventory, employee wages, insurance premiums, overhead and countless other expenses. In fact, one major study conducted by a U.S. bank found that 82% of small businesses fail because of insufficient capital. While business owners can…

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what is a merger

What is a Merger and How Do they Work?

Not to be confused with an acquisition, a merger occurs when two or more companies decide to join forces and form an entirely new company. It’s not a hostile corporate takeover; rather, it’s a mutual agreement from which all parties benefit. By “merging” their operations, companies can eliminate competition, grow their business and more. To…

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how to get a hard money loan

How to Get a Hard Money Loan

If you need capital to fund your business and have the necessary assets, you should consider getting a hard money loan. This type of asset-based financing allows business owners and entrepreneurs to receive capital that’s secured by property. And because they use property as collateral, they are often easier to obtain than conventional debt-based loans….

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how to find investors

How to Find Investors for your Business

Financing is a common challenge faced by entrepreneurs and small business owners. Regardless of what type of business you plan on running, you’ll need money to turn it from a concept into a reality. Of course, you can always use your own personal funds, but this typically isn’t enough for most small businesses. Thankfully, there…

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