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balance sheet vs income statement

Balance Sheet vs Income Statement

Balance sheets and income statements are two fundamental tools used in financial accounting. Using these tools, business owners can see the overall value of their business and its assets. However, a balance sheet differs from an income statement in several ways. To learn more about balance sheet vs income statement and the nuances distinguishing them…

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debt capital vs equity capital

Debt Capital vs Equity Capital

Capital – when used in the context of running a business, it refers to the money a business needs in order to provide goods and services to its customers. Whether it’s a retail store, restaurant, professional photography, manufacturing, etc., all businesses need capital to operate. Granted, capital requirements vary from business to business depending on…

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unsecured vs secured loans

Unsecured vs Secured Loans: How These Funding Types Differ

Starting a new business typically requires at least some upfront monetary investment. There are two specific types types of loans for small businesses: unsecured vs secured loans. Both are viable options to consider when funding your business. However, unsecured and secured loans each have their own unique characteristics. �So, what’s the difference between these loan…

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factoring vs accounts receivable financing

Factoring vs Accounts Receivable Financing

Factoring and accounts receivable are two forms of financing based on “receivables,” offering business owners and entrepreneurs an alternative to traditional bank loans. If you need cash now, you should consider these financing options. Both factoring loans and accounts receivable financing provide fast cash for working capital, without jumping through the hoops of traditional debt…

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