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Notre Dame to Receive $20 Million for Global Investing Institute

Notre Dame has been given a $20 million donation to fund development for a new global investing institute in its Mendoza College of Business campus. According to a statement issued by the esteemed university, former Notre Dame graduates from the class of 1996 James Parsons and his wife, Dr. Carrie Quinn, made the donation. Parsons…

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Report: Banks May Lose 60% Retail Profits to Tech Startups

Banks may lose more than half of their retail profits to tech startups over the next ten years. According to an eye-opening report published by the financial consulting firm McKinsey & Co., banks face a 60% loss of retail profits to new tech companies. The firm revealed that banks are turning a roughly $1 trillion…

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venture capital vs seed capital

Venture Capital vs Seed Capital: What’s the Difference?

Still trying to wrap your head around the concept of venture capital vs�seed capital? While both of these�types of business capital are used to fund new ventures, there are some key differences between them which�shouldn’t go unnoticed. Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the difference between an�angel investor vs venture capitalist. Angel…

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IMF Looks to Cut Global Outlook

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be cutting its global outlook amid weak commodity prices in emerging markets. Established December 1945, the IMF is an organization of some 188 countries working to promote greater trade cooperation, financial security, employment and economic growth, and to lower poverty rates. Each country member of the IMF contributes funds…

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