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texas gold reserve, Federal Reserve

Texas to Challenge Federal Reserve With Gold Depository

The Longhorn State has announced plans to launch its own gold-backed bank depository�Texas gold reserve,�which�will allow individuals and corporations to bypass the traditional Federal Reserve, said state representatives. Texas Bullion Depository This isn’t just all smoke and mirrors, either. Back in June, Texas lawmakers voted in favor of the new gold-back depository, with Republican Governor…

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How Our Business Funding Process Works

Due to excellent service and proven results for clients, Intrepid Executive Group has been experiencing a high demand for our services over the last few years. This is due to the fact that we only choose to work with the best and most committed project principals. We have honed our business funding process so that…

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Business Funding

Feds Eying Interest Rate Hike for September

The US’ current low interest rates may soon come to an end, because new reports suggest that the Federal Reserve is preparing for an interest rate hike in the near future. We’ve talked about this possibility of the Feds bumping up the interest rates before here on our blog. At the time, however, it was…

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Cuba US Banks

First Cuba-US Banking Deal Reached

Just months after President Obama announced plans to bridge the decades-old gap with the island nation of Cuba, the first US-Cuban banking deal has officially been created. The Wall Street Journal reported that the Stonegate Bank and Banco Internacional de Comercio S.A. (BICSA) agreed on a deal earlier this week that would make easier for…

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Venture Capital

Do You Have Questions about Venture Capital or Business Funding?

Intrepid Executive Group has answers to all of your business funding questions. Venture capital is a term which you may come across often, but many times, it�s used incorrectly. It�s often confused with �Angel investments�, which provide funds for a business and then partake in the profit from the business�s success. Venture capital is a…

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How to Secure Funding for your New Business Opportunity

Are you in need of a way to finance a start-up business? Perhaps you are looking to grow your existing business, but lack the necessary cash flow? Get in line. Or rather get your business in line, for the best possible chance to attain funding. Intrepid Executive Group has access to a network of investors…

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China’s Stock Market Plummeted Following Greece’s Default

China’s stock market plummeted this week, shortly after Greece announced that it had defaulted on its load from the International Monetary Fund. Like all financial markets, China has its ups and its downs. But this recent plunge was even worse than expected, dropping nearly 8% while subsequently wiping trillions of dollars off the Asian nation’s…

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How to Find Private Investors

Hard Money Loans Do Not Have to be �Hard”!

If you have a financial need and need it resolved fast, we can help. Hard money loans are available and make for a good solution in many cases. Minimum amounts are negotiable depending on the nature of the request. There are no maximum limitations. If you have credit issues, bankruptcy, liens, payments in arrears, foreclosure,…

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Business Plan

A Sound Business Plan is Your Best Friend

Would you drive cross country without a map or GPS? Of course not! So it stands to reason that you wouldn�t start a business without a solid business plan either. Your business plan should clearly map out the course your business will take. Not only will this help set your business up for success, a…

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