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Bank of England To Raise Interest Rates In 2017

England’s population of 53 million plus residents will have to wait a little longer before seeing higher interest rates. The Bank of England’s nine-member panel agreed to keep interest rates´┐Żunchanged. The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) — the panel responsible for setting and adjusting the BOE’s interest rates — voted unanimously on April 9th not to…

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Are Treasury Bonds Overvalued?

Treasury bonds have long been the go-to solution for safe, reliable long-term investments. Being that they are backed by the government, investors can rest assured knowing their money is safe. However, a new survey reveals that many investors have grown reluctant to invest in treasury bonds, viewing them as being too expensive. According to a…

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Venture Capital Activity Increased 20% in 2014

Venture capital is surging is the Great Lakes State, according to a recent report published by the Michigan Venture Capital Association. While Michigan has experienced a steady increase in venture capital investments over the past decade, 2014 was an exceptionally remarkable year. The report, published earlier this month, found venture capital under management in Michigan…

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UN Report: Surge In Renewable Energy Investments

The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)´┐Ż has published its annual Global Trends in Renewable Energy Investment report, indicating a growing trend towards investments in renewable energy sources throughout the world. 2014 was an abysmal year for the oil industry, as prices dropped by nearly 50%. While this hurt the profits of major oil companies like…

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Twitter Now Providing Venture Capital

The world’s most popular 140-characters-or-less social media network has entered the realm of venture funding. According to the Wall Street Journal, Twitter led an $80 million round of venture funding for the mobile software company Cyanogen. Other investors included Qualcomm, PremjiInvest, and Rupert Murdoch. So, what in the world is Cynanogen and why is Twitter…

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