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A Business Loan could be a Great Option for your Startup

Let’s face it, every entrepreneur needs venture capital to start his or her own small business. Without capital, there’s simply no way to convert your vision into a reality. Even though banks are not lending as much as they used to, business loans may be an option for some business owners and if you choose…

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World Bank Forcasts Decline In Global Economy Growth

The World Bank is forecasting a slower-than-usual global economic growth this year, raising concerns for financial institutions and investors alike. According to the Wall Street Journal, the World Bank is forecasting the global economy to grow by just 3% this year — down from 3.2% in 2014. Some people may turn their heads at the…

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HOW TO HOOK – Your Ideal Prospects

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Mastering The Art of The Elevator Pitch

Trying to pitch a new business idea to investors in an elevator isn’t an easy to task (to say the least). Most venture capitalists are busy people who don’t want to spend their time — even on the elevator — talking about the weather or other irrelevant topics. So, it’s your job to convince him…

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NY Regulators Create Tougher Cybersecurity Exams For Banks

The Big Apple’s lead banking regulator Benjamin Lawsky announced a series of new changes coming to the cybersecurity examination process state banks are required to pass. The new exam is expected to be tougher than the federal exam, which may result in fewer banks being approved. According to, the exam will cover a wide…

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Business Plan

What Investors Look for in a Business Plan

Although you definitely need a business plan to find investors, your plan alone–no matter how good it is–isn’t enough to attract investors. The investment decision depends on a lot of other factors: the business team and its track record, the product you’ll be selling, the competitive advantage you have and what your market is, among…

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