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China’s Central Bank To Inject Funds Into Smaller Banks

The People�s Bank of China announced earlier this month that it would inject 200 billion yuan ($32.7 billion USD) into nearly two dozen smaller banks. This move reportedly aims to help the joint-stock banks with end-of-the-year liquidity, while simultaneously boosting the nation’s economy. The banks to receive the funds, including China Guangfa Bank Co. and…

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The Pros and Cons of Angel Investors

  Angels have become an increasingly popular source of venture capital over the past decade. The term “angel” — when used to describe investing — usually refers to successful business individuals who are investing their own personal funds for a startup businesses. There are pros and cons to seeking Angel Investors and we’ll go over…

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Fantasy Sports Startup FanDuel Raises $70 Million

Fantasy Sports Startup FanDuel Raises $70 Million The Web-based fantasy sports startup, FanDuel, announced last month that it had raised more than $70 million in investor funding, reaffirming the growing trend of fantasy sports leagues. According to the company’s CEO Nigel Eccles, some 41 million people throughout the world participate in fantasy sports. FanDuel�s latest…

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