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Banks Are Lending Less

Why Banks Are Lending Less

It’s been six years since the financial crisis�of 2008, yet banks are still reluctant to lend money. To put the problem into perspective, U.S. business loans of $1 million or less have declined by 13% from 2007 to 2011, and the total amount loaned declined by 19% (inflation taken into account). Banks make their money…

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Event hosted by the publishers of Diplomatic Connections Magazine

On September 18th, two of Intrepid Executive Group�s Partners took advantage of a beautiful event hosted by the publishers of Diplomatic Connections Magazine � a publication dedicated to the confluence of diplomacy and business. The Partners took advantage of the reception � held at the prestigious Fairmont Hotel in Washington, D.C. � to enjoy informal…

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Intrepid Executive Group participates in Maryland Hispanic Business Conference

The Intrepid Executive Group participated as a sponsor in its fifth consecutive Maryland Hispanic Business Conference on September 2nd.�� The conference more than over 100 Sponsors and Vendors and is attended by hundreds of entrepreneurs.�� Intrepid was approached by more than 200 Hispanic businesspeople, requesting access to our private sources of funding to raise capital…

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New FICO Changes May Boost Your Credit Score

Millions of Americans may notice a slight boost in their credit score thanks to a new credit scoring system. The Fair Isaac Corporation, creator of the FICO credit score, announced a new scoring system last month that will largely benefit consumers as a whole. FICO Score 9 Dubbed the FICO Score 9, the new system…

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