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So here it comes Mr. and Ms. Entrepreneur!

The end of QE – time to head to the bank for that investment capital you need. Right? Read on! Why Is Fed Considering Paying Banks Not To Lend To Main Street By MIKE COSGROVE Posted 07/18/2014 06:37 PM ET The Federal Reserve created a monster $4.3 trillion balance sheet, up by $3 trillion from…

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Intrepid executive Group Attend the U.S. Africa Summit

Washington, D.C. � August 2014   The CEO of Intrepid Executive Group, LLC � a Maryland Limited Liability Company and � was invited by Tanzanian Embassy dignitaries to attend the historic U.S.-Africa Summit in Washington, D.C. today. Washington�s Corporate Council on Africa hosted the forum featuring many African Heads of State, who spoke to the…

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